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23rd Nov 2017

Autumn Budget 2017 - 23/11/2017

Key announcement that impact contractors.

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30th Aug 2017

Criminal Finances Act 2017: Are you protected? - 30/08/2017

September marks the introduction of new requirements from the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

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7th Aug 2017

New Rules on Failure to Prevent Tax Avoidance - 07/08/2017

New rules come in to effect on 30th September 2017 that is likely to impact recruitment companies and their relationships with providers.

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5th May 2015

Black Diamond Limited & Black Diamond Accountancy Services Recognised as an Investor in People - 05/05/2015

Black Diamond, a specialist in the contract and freelance markets based in Leigh, Lancashire has been awarded the Investors in People Standard, demonstrating their commitment to realising the potential of their people.

Black Diamond was incorporated in 2002 and has enjoyed success in building a reliable, trustworthy and financially safe pair of hands in the freelance market. Our services are available nationwide across multiple sectors to provide cost effective, high value solutions to meet all of our client’s needs.

Investors in People is the UK's leading accreditation for business improvement through people management, and provides a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate, improve and grow, with a focus on good people making great business.

Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People, said: “Achieving the Investors in People Standard is something that any organisation should be truly proud of. Working with Investors in People inspires and enables leaders, managers and employees at all levels to build their skills, improve their performance and achieve their potential. We’d like to congratulate Black Diamond on their achievement.”

Steve Burrows, Managing Director of Investors in People North of England said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Black Diamond Umbrella Limited & Black Diamond Accountancy Services Limited and I would like to congratulate the team on their success. We believe that good people make a great business and as a proven organisational development framework, Investors in People is designed to help organisations and their people to realise potential, enhance performance and meet goals. With their accreditation success, Black Diamond is certainly working to realise their people potential.”

Commenting on the award, Rachel Nester, Director of Black Diamond, said: “Having the Investors in People Standard is recognition of our continued dedication to create a productive working environment based on effective communication. Every member of staff at Black Diamond takes pride in the work that they do and this accreditation is recognition of their hard work. The framework we have in place will ensure that employees from all levels will benefit from improved skills and performance. The atmosphere this has created is one of complete focus and dedication with a shared desire for success.”

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About Investors in People

  • Investors in People make people management excellence count. They exist to help businesses realise the potential of their people, improve standards and gain the accreditation to prove it.
  • Through the respected Standard, business insight and the IIP bank of tools and resources, organisations of all shapes and sizes can put their people first and discover a brighter business future.
  • Over the last 20 years, IIP has helped more than 100,000 businesses around the world improve, using their Accreditation Framework to boost working culture, increase employee engagement and encourage game-changing leadership.
  • Investors in People is owned and managed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, an executive non-departmental public body of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
19th March 2015

Black Diamond Budget Statement

Yesterday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered the last Budget statement of this parliament. Alongside notices like the increase in personal tax allowance and a reduction in beer duty, Mr Osborne announced measures to help savers and provide tax cuts to aid the Oil and Gas industry. The Chancellor explained however that within this budget there would be no impulse reactions designed for short term benefit and that tough decisions would still be made. The essential message was that we are only half way there.

Mr Osborne announced that savings would still need to be made to maintain economic growth and earmarked £5billion to be recouped by tackling tax avoidance. As a part of this, reference was made to the incorrect use of travel and subsistence (T&S) expenses by intermediaries. This follows HMRC's recent discussion document concerning T&S expenses. Black Diamond provided a response to this and eagerly awaits the consultation from HMRC.

Director, Rachel Nester said "I think all compliant umbrella providers welcome the opportunity for a fairer, more compliant market but I would like to urge policy makers to listen to the responsible end of the market before making any decisions. A focus on tackling the Pay-day-by-pay-day and Elective Deduction Model would send a strong message to those who act in an irresponsible manner.

We are concerned about the potential negative impact that wide-ranging changes could have on the growth of the UK's economy. The flexible labour market has flourished in recent times and we would like that to be recognised and not threatened. Any risk to T&S expenses for contractors who are genuinely undertaking multiple assignments at various worksites could have an undesirable effect on the growth that we have experienced so far."

Black Diamond is working alongside other concerned parties and looks forward to liaising with HMRC during the upcoming consultation period with the hope that as an industry we can deliver a mutually agreeable solution that drives compliance but doesn't unnecessarily threaten the flexible labour market.