Frequently Asked Questions

Working in the flexible labour market can be very rewarding. It offers flexibility that is not normally available when working under a permanent contract with a single employer. Before you join our sector you may have a few questions that we can help you with to ensure that you make an informed choice as to the options available.

Below is our handy overview of the most common questions, we hope you find the information helpful.
And remember we are always just at the end of the phone.

Here at Black Diamond we believe that we have the full range of pay options to support workers who choose a career within the flexible labour market. From Temporary PAYE, employment Umbrella to self-employed limited companies. Our team of experts are available and on hand to listen to your circumstance and life style priorities and will make recommendations that best match your need profile.

An umbrella company is an innovative employment contract that allows continuity of employment that is transferable from one assignment to the next. You receive the same great benefits as a permanent contract, sick pay, holiday pay and pension, all statutory requirements are met. The umbrella company will ensure that you are fully insured under their employers/public liability insurance and professional indemnity. Here at Black Diamond we believe that you deserve more and we add to these insurances some of our own, they include life and total permanent disablement.

PAYE is Pay as you Earn and will be similar to the method of pay that you enjoyed under a permanent contract. The difference in the flexible labour market is that you are normally paid more frequently on a weekly basis. The temporary contract that you are likely to work under still provides the same great benefits, such as holiday, sick pay plus pension. If further offers the flexibility to transfer from one assignment to the next without compromising your tax code. Here at Black Diamond we believe that you deserve more and we add to our PAYE offerings some of our own, they include life and total permanent disablement.

You are right; from April 2016 the government now ask that we assess the individual worker status for any contractors working via an intermediary. This assessment is based on supervision, direction or control. Here at Black Diamond we have thought carefully about our test and how we ensure its compliance to give you the peace of mind that you are operating in safe hands. We will assess this for you in detail at the outset of employment with us and then at each assignment change.

The temporary work place rule allows employees to claim for genuine business expenses that are incurred, wholly, exclusively and necessarily for you to under take your work. A work place can be classified as temporary up until 24 months or until which point we are made aware that your assignment is to exceed 24 months which ever is sooner.

To qualify to claim business expenses you must first demonstrate that you are not under the supervision, direction or control of the end hirer. Furthermore it must be you intension to undertake multiple assignments with Black Diamond Ltd from the outset of your contract. Undertaking multiple assignments allows you to claim genuine business expenses and offers you a stronger employment status and continuity of your tax code.

Yes. We would ask that you notify us of all amendments and changes to your contract assignments, this way we can offer you our support, chase contracts and ensure prompt payment of our invoices.

Yes! Black Diamond has a full, comprehensive and detailed expense policy and a copy of this will be given to you at the outset of your employment with us. This policy details when receipts are required to support your claim.

Yes. Black Diamond operates a holiday accrual system where holiday pay is accrued each pay period and refunded to you in line with the terms of your contract. As an alternative we can also offer holiday credit where you are paid in advance for holidays. We would ask that you keep Black Diamond fully informed of all annual leave taken and you can communicate this to us via email at

Black Diamond offers a solution that is compliant to both IR35 and the Legislation entitled "Tackling Managed Service Companies".

We are here to help with any query you may have between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We operate a voice mail service outside these hours. We guarantee to respond to any messages the next working day. We also have an enquiries email that is checked regularly. Please send any questions to or feel free to call the office on 01942 679997.

Yes. You can go to our Benefits Calculator that is available via this web site or call our illustrations team on 01942 679997 and they will be more than happy to produce an individual illustration based on your personal circumstance.

We ask that you email, fax, text or use our online app to send your weekly or monthly timesheet, expenses claim form and relevant receipts (where applicable). Your salary will be sent via BACS. We also have the facility to send same day chaps payments should this be your preferred method.

Each time we make a payment, you will receive a payslip from us this is uploaded to our online portal so that you can view your information on the go 24/7. The payslip details your gross pay, our margin, relevant deductions, such as student loans and pensions, your net pay and the payment date. In advance of this we will also send you a text notification of the monies that you can expect to credit your account.

You can choose to be paid either weekly or monthly. Weekly paid employees are paid each Friday (When Friday is a banking day). Monthly paid employees are paid no later than 5 working days after the last working day of the month, for work carried out the previous month.

We would first ask that you call our office so that we can explain what documentation is required for you to support your statutory claim. Payment of sick pay, maternity, paternity, etc, will be made to you and is detailed in your contract of employment and staff handbook.

We ask that you contact our office to give us details of your last working day. On receiving your written resignation we will issue your P45 without delay.

Yes, we value all our clients and as such want to make their time with us as enjoyable as possible. We have a range of rewards that are available to you. These include access to retail discount schemes, voucher rewards and referral incentives.

You can join right away, please call our office we will be more than happy to make the necessary arrangements. Contact us.